IMPORTANT! “We close between 23 – 28 July.”




Dear all customers,

To provide better services, we have put a lot of effort for optimizing our supply chain since we founded Japan auction agency in April of 2015.

However, due to the rapid growth of the shipping amount, we realized  the shortage of  the warehouse storage in a couple of previous years.  So we formed a special work team to deal with the problem.

Through researches and analysis, the team concluded our warehouse must be expanded.

Our new warehouse will be built at Minoshima, 15 minutes drive from current warehouse, and it finally finish its construction around the middle of July.

In order to make the warehouse move and system restructuring quick and accurate, we decided to suspend all services during July 23rd to 28th.

During this period, you are going to be declined system login, ordering, payment, and other services.

We sincerely apologize all customers for the uncomfortable experience that you are going to have during the downtime.

Finally, please feel free ask us any questions regarding to the service suspension.



Japan Auction Agency

CEO M. Sakurai

Shipping Schedule in July, 2018 (June 29th)

Hello everyone, how are you?

It’s July. The weather outside is getting humid and rains often.

I have been posting this small talk for one year, Yes, this is one year anniversary!! Yay, me!!

July is the beginning of the rainy season. And the outbreak of the war against Mosquitoes! In person, I can stand the Japanese Hot and humid weather, but mosquitoes!! They bother me all the time. The mosquito bites, especially the bite by tiger mosquito, is so itchy.

Traditionally, mosquito coils are used for mosquitoes. Mosquito coils are incense sticks that contains insecticides. The most famous mosquito coils are “Kincho Katori-Senko” long seller and best seller.

Mosquito exterminating mats are the next generation. Trough a lot of Kaizen, product improvement, and innovation, Japanese invented electric mosquito coils. When i was a kid, the mats are always turned on at night.

These days, spray type mosquito insecticides are popular in Japan. “KINCHO INAKUNARU PRO” is one-push aerosol mosquito insecticides. It eliminates mosquitos for 24 hours by a single push. To my surprise, it is capable for over 365 sprays!! I use this type of spray, and it works very well!!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a great day!!



Shipping Schedule in June, 2018 (May 31st)


We are having comfortable weather days, but it is about to end. It is June and the rainy season is just around the corner.  It brings not only sticky humid weather but also serious floods and landslides.

Although the rainy season might cause natural disaster, it gives us joy and fun. In my hometown, Fukuoka, early June is the best season for Hotaru-Gari(蛍狩り:Firefly-catching) and people go to firefly-chatching spots in evening to see fireflies for fun.

Fireflies used to be found anywhere near rivers or streams in my grandpa generation. But as Japanese economy grows up, the side-effect of environmental pollution seriously affect even to small local towns. So my father generation, fireflies are hard to find at the spots we used to see them.

Do you see fireflies in your place? I am going to Firefly-chatching tonight. Yay!






I hope you enjoy reading my article.

Have a nice day!


Shipping Schedule in May, 2018 (April 30th)

Hello everyone, it’s May. In Japan, we are having a consecutive national holidays at the beginning of May.

In combination with weekend comes before and after the holidays, most of Japanese have a week long holidays in the best warm and comfortable spring weather. We call the holidays “Golden Week” and it is one of the busiest holiday season, besides New year and Obon week.

Since it’s long holidays many people go out for leisure. One of the most popular spot for golden week amusement in our region which is east Fukuoka prefecture is Beppu, Oita. With many hot spring spots and resort hotels, Beppu attracts lots of travelers from domestic and international places.

Besides hot springs and hotels, there is a famous fun place in Beppu. That is “Jigoku-meguri.” Jigoku means “hell,” and Meguri means “visit.” Jigoku-meguri is roughly translated as visiting hell. Jigoku-meguri is a group of spots that are preserved and protected wild hot springs by local government.

I attached some pictures of Jigoku-meguri hot spring spots. I hope you like them.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


Shipping Schedule in April, 2018 (Mar 28th)

Small Talk with Nayuta 🙂

Hi everyone, it’s April.

We consider April as the beginning of Spring. April is also regard as the kickoff of new school year, and the starting of new life.

And, yes! Don’t forget cherry blossom! Very beautiful cherry blossom starts blooming around the end of March, and its best is first or second week of April.

One of the most famous beautiful cherry blossom spot is Meguro-gawa(目黒川)in Meguro, Tokyo.  800 cherry trees standing both sides of the river along 4km are breath-taking beautiful.

Another cherry blossom spot, I want to recommend is Edogawa park cherry blossom in Bunkyo, Tokyo. These trees are planted in 1884 and give fun and joy to people for long time.

Finally, I recommend my home town cherry blossom. It is not as beautiful as above two famous spots, but I enjoy cherry blossom since child.

Now, you may noticed something in common from the pictures above. Yes! River!!

You may see many cherry trees along big revers when you visit to Japan.  It’s on purpose. Our government did it to make damages from river floods minimum.

Here is their logic. They plant cherry trees along the river. Cherry trees bloom. Cherry blossom is beautiful so many people come to see it. Many people walk on the river bank. The river bank becomes solid. And it minimizes the river flood damages.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have wonderful days!!



Shipping Schedule in March, 2018 (Feb 28th)

It was a lot of snow days here at Fukuoka last month. But these few days, it has been getting warmer, and the first spring wind has blown to tell us the spring is around the corner.

Hi everyone, this is Nayuta and this time, I would like to talk about March.

In Japan, like other countries, we have elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges. But, unlike most of countries, students always graduate only in March.

When I was a student in Purdue University ( located in Indiana, US), I was surprised that the university take place students graduation at the end of each semester. Some students graduate in summer, other students graduate in winter.

All the freshmen starts their school in April. And all the company recruits starts their first work in April. So April brings us the feeling of “new” or “start” with the image of beautiful cherry blossom.

Contrary, March gives us the feeling of “good bye” or “ending” with the image of Sotugyou-shiki(卒業式: graduation ceremony). Students say good bye to friends with tears looking forward to the starting of new life.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Nayuta 🙂