Shipping Schedule in May, 2018 (April 30th)

Hello everyone, it’s May. In Japan, we are having a consecutive national holidays at the beginning of May.

In combination with weekend comes before and after the holidays, most of Japanese have a week long holidays in the best warm and comfortable spring weather. We call the holidays “Golden Week” and it is one of the busiest holiday season, besides New year and Obon week.

Since it’s long holidays many people go out for leisure. One of the most popular spot for golden week amusement in our region which is east Fukuoka prefecture is Beppu, Oita. With many hot spring spots and resort hotels, Beppu attracts lots of travelers from domestic and international places.

Besides hot springs and hotels, there is a famous fun place in Beppu. That is “Jigoku-meguri.” Jigoku means “hell,” and Meguri means “visit.” Jigoku-meguri is roughly translated as visiting hell. Jigoku-meguri is a group of spots that are preserved and protected wild hot springs by local government.

I attached some pictures of Jigoku-meguri hot spring spots. I hope you like them.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


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