Shipping Schedule in April, 2018 (Mar 28th)

Small Talk with Nayuta 🙂

Hi everyone, it’s April.

We consider April as the beginning of Spring. April is also regard as the kickoff of new school year, and the starting of new life.

And, yes! Don’t forget cherry blossom! Very beautiful cherry blossom starts blooming around the end of March, and its best is first or second week of April.

One of the most famous beautiful cherry blossom spot is Meguro-gawa(目黒川)in Meguro, Tokyo.  800 cherry trees standing both sides of the river along 4km are breath-taking beautiful.

Another cherry blossom spot, I want to recommend is Edogawa park cherry blossom in Bunkyo, Tokyo. These trees are planted in 1884 and give fun and joy to people for long time.

Finally, I recommend my home town cherry blossom. It is not as beautiful as above two famous spots, but I enjoy cherry blossom since child.

Now, you may noticed something in common from the pictures above. Yes! River!!

You may see many cherry trees along big revers when you visit to Japan.  It’s on purpose. Our government did it to make damages from river floods minimum.

Here is their logic. They plant cherry trees along the river. Cherry trees bloom. Cherry blossom is beautiful so many people come to see it. Many people walk on the river bank. The river bank becomes solid. And it minimizes the river flood damages.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have wonderful days!!



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