Shipping Schedule in June, 2018 (May 31st)


We are having comfortable weather days, but it is about to end. It is June and the rainy season is just around the corner.  It brings not only sticky humid weather but also serious floods and landslides.

Although the rainy season might cause natural disaster, it gives us joy and fun. In my hometown, Fukuoka, early June is the best season for Hotaru-Gari(蛍狩り:Firefly-catching) and people go to firefly-chatching spots in evening to see fireflies for fun.

Fireflies used to be found anywhere near rivers or streams in my grandpa generation. But as Japanese economy grows up, the side-effect of environmental pollution seriously affect even to small local towns. So my father generation, fireflies are hard to find at the spots we used to see them.

Do you see fireflies in your place? I am going to Firefly-chatching tonight. Yay!






I hope you enjoy reading my article.

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