Shipping Schedule in July, 2018 (June 29th)

Hello everyone, how are you?

It’s July. The weather outside is getting humid and rains often.

I have been posting this small talk for one year, Yes, this is one year anniversary!! Yay, me!!

July is the beginning of the rainy season. And the outbreak of the war against Mosquitoes! In person, I can stand the Japanese Hot and humid weather, but mosquitoes!! They bother me all the time. The mosquito bites, especially the bite by tiger mosquito, is so itchy.

Traditionally, mosquito coils are used for mosquitoes. Mosquito coils are incense sticks that contains insecticides. The most famous mosquito coils are “Kincho Katori-Senko” long seller and best seller.

Mosquito exterminating mats are the next generation. Trough a lot of Kaizen, product improvement, and innovation, Japanese invented electric mosquito coils. When i was a kid, the mats are always turned on at night.

These days, spray type mosquito insecticides are popular in Japan. “KINCHO INAKUNARU PRO” is one-push aerosol mosquito insecticides. It eliminates mosquitos for 24 hours by a single push. To my surprise, it is capable for over 365 sprays!! I use this type of spray, and it works very well!!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a great day!!



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