Shipping Schedule in January, 2018 (Jan 3rd)

Small talk with Nayuta 😉

Happy New year!!

First of all, I appreciate all the JAA customers for visiting us and making your purchases. We are going to do our best for improving JAA website and customer service to make you feel happier and more fun on your shopping.

It is 2018, and I am going to be 36 years old in this September.

So, yes!! I am a “Toshi-Otoko.” Toshi-Otoko(年男) is a man who born in the same earthly branch with that of this year. The same thing for woman is called “Toshi-Onna(年女)”

I born in 1982. The earthy branch of 1982 is dog. And 2018 is the year of Dog. So I am called “Toshi-Otoko” this year.

What is your Earthy Branch??

Thank you for reading,

Have a nice day!!


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