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Small talk with Nayuta 🙂

Hi everyone, how are you? It’s February. Yes,  Valentin’s day is around the corner.

What people do in your country on Valentin’s day? I think Valentin’s day in Japan is a bit different from that of other counties.

I spent quite a few period of time in China about 10 years ago. In Chine, it seems sending roses from men to the women who they love is quite common on Valentin’s day. Then I thought the day is for the man and the woman in relationship.

On the other hand,  when I lived in the States few years ago, I realized that people in America are not enjoying Valentin’s day very much. I did not actually see or hear people doing something on the day. It maybe because I was around college dorm surrounded by students. So I thought Valentin’s day is only for marred couples.

In Japan, Valentin’s day is know as the day women give chocolates to men. In general women gives chocolates to men who she know in workplace, school or the man who she loves in. To discriminate the man and others, women prepare two kinds of chocolates, which are “Honmei-Choco” and “Giri-Choco.”

Honmei (本命) means ” the favorite” and Honmei-Choco are prepared to the favorite man. Besides, Giri-Choco is given away to men who are not favorite. It is like ” I give you chocolate because I know you and it’s Valentin’s day.” Since Gili (義理) means obligation, and Japanese women feel the are obligate to give chocolate to men.

what do you think Japanese Valentin’s day unique style? I hope you enjoy to know our culture.

Thank you for reading my article. Have a wonderful day!!



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