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Small Talk 🙂 with Nayuta

Summer is ending. Fall is around the corner. Yes!! It is September. The sticky humid hot weather is going away, and the dry, cool, and comfortable weather brings people to have more exercise and appetite. But do you know how Japanese realize the coming of the fall? Actually, it is cicadas.

In summer, cicadas are very very busy for singing. You will hear cicadas making very loud noise on trees everywhere in Japan. They make monotonous and loud sounds from morning till evening. Yet, somewhere around the end of August, noisy cicadas stop singing, and a type of cicada starts singing, and it is the very beginning of fall. The cicada is named “Tsuku-tsuku-boushi (ツクツクボウシ)” due to its song. I like the way it sings because it is like a piece of music. It slowly starts, gradually loud, and last long. Elegant, isn’t it?

Cicadas are known as the creatures having short lives. It is said that a cicada’s life is only a week after they came up from underground. So Japanese feel evanescence to them.

Following video shows how Tsuku-tsuku-boushi sings. Please check out.

Thank you for reading, and have nice days!!

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