Shipping Schedule in October, 2017 (October 4th)

Weather is getting cooler and colder day by day here in Fukuoka. It is October. When I hear the word October, one thing comes up to my mind very quick. That is the beautiful moon.

Somewhere in the first week of October, the very beautiful full moon is on the sky. So Japanese people have been enjoying this moon sitting on the chair and eating some sweet at evening. We call that activity “Tsu-Ki-Mi (月見:つきみ)” and that day “Jyu-Go-Ya (十五夜:じゅうごや) or “Chu-Shu-No-Mei-Ge-Tsu (中秋の名月:ちゅうしゅうのめいげつ).”

This year, 2017, was on 4th of October. The full moon was very very beautiful. Modan Japanese people are very busy for work and few people enjoy Tsu-Ki-Mi. So Tsu-Ki-Mi activity is getting less popular generation by generation.

Does your culture have activity like Tsu-Ki-Mi??

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy it!!


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