Shipping Schedule in November, 2017 (October 31st)

Small Talk with Nayuta 🙂

Hi everyone! It is November!! 2017 is ending after 2 months. Time flies, isn’t it?

Today, I want to share a Japanese tradition that we find it in big elections as an example. That is “Ban-Zai.”

According to Wikipedia, Banzai was introduced by Chinese people in 8th century and was used to express swear allegiance for the emperor. Banzai still remains in 21st century, but it is nothing to do with the emperor.

Nowadays, banzai is done to simply express enthusiasm for celebrating someones big achievements. I assume that politicians do banzai way more often than other people. In every big election, a person who wins always do banzai with his/her followers, and we watch it on TV.

Banzai is a cohesion of vocal and body actions. Shouting “ban-zai” at loud as arms stretched out above their heads. It sounds quite simple, right? But there is an argument around the manner of banzai.

Some people insist that when your palms reach at the top position, your palms must be facing each other. If not, it shows surrender pose. This argument is mainly take place on internet, and most Japanese people do not care much.

I personally assume that since banzai is according to the emperor, all those things happens. Anyways, I am very happy if my article gives you another perspective when you observe Japanese people.


I hope you have a wonderful day!!



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