Real Time Bidding now available!

New release on Dec 10th!

We are pleased to announce to our customers the release of Real Time Bidding. This completely new bidding system allows your shopping speedy, timely, and seamless. We hope you will enjoy this unique way of online shopping.

The completely new bidding system

No matter what time it is in your place, Real-time Bidding places your orders as you submit your order. The newly custom-made system enable to process orders from customers over the world simultaneously in real time.

No downloads and additional information requirement

Real-time Bidding runs on JAA website. No software download is required. In addition, it does not ask you any additional personal information submission. With JAA account, you can use the service from now on.

It’s easy but powerful

We made Real-time Bidding service’s interface as simple as possible. The explicit tutorials gives you tips and explanations for the question you might have. Do not hesitate and enjoy shopping on Real-time Bidding.

Thanks to all of you. We hope you enjoy our new service!


Please click HERE for the Real Time Bidding tutorial.

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IMPORTANT! “We close between 23 – 28 July.”




Dear all customers,

To provide better services, we have put a lot of effort for optimizing our supply chain since we founded Japan auction agency in April of 2015.

However, due to the rapid growth of the shipping amount, we realized  the shortage of  the warehouse storage in a couple of previous years.  So we formed a special work team to deal with the problem.

Through researches and analysis, the team concluded our warehouse must be expanded.

Our new warehouse will be built at Minoshima, 15 minutes drive from current warehouse, and it finally finish its construction around the middle of July.

In order to make the warehouse move and system restructuring quick and accurate, we decided to suspend all services during July 23rd to 28th.

During this period, you are going to be declined system login, ordering, payment, and other services.

We sincerely apologize all customers for the uncomfortable experience that you are going to have during the downtime.

Finally, please feel free ask us any questions regarding to the service suspension.



Japan Auction Agency

CEO M. Sakurai

Shipping Schedule in July, 2018 (June 29th)

Hello everyone, how are you?

It’s July. The weather outside is getting humid and rains often.

I have been posting this small talk for one year, Yes, this is one year anniversary!! Yay, me!!

July is the beginning of the rainy season. And the outbreak of the war against Mosquitoes! In person, I can stand the Japanese Hot and humid weather, but mosquitoes!! They bother me all the time. The mosquito bites, especially the bite by tiger mosquito, is so itchy.

Traditionally, mosquito coils are used for mosquitoes. Mosquito coils are incense sticks that contains insecticides. The most famous mosquito coils are “Kincho Katori-Senko” long seller and best seller.

Mosquito exterminating mats are the next generation. Trough a lot of Kaizen, product improvement, and innovation, Japanese invented electric mosquito coils. When i was a kid, the mats are always turned on at night.

These days, spray type mosquito insecticides are popular in Japan. “KINCHO INAKUNARU PRO” is one-push aerosol mosquito insecticides. It eliminates mosquitos for 24 hours by a single push. To my surprise, it is capable for over 365 sprays!! I use this type of spray, and it works very well!!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a great day!!